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Online training: Fundamentals of biologics production


2022/12/12 9 AM


The most common types of biological drugs – recombinant proteins are produced using bacteria, yeast or eukaryotic cell lines. The manufacturing process is a multi-step process that produces large quantities of high-quality biologically active molecules.
During the training, the process of manufacturing biological drugs will be discussed step by step. Participants will learn about the criteria for selecting expression systems, how to conduct industrial-scale cell cultures and the purification process.

The online course takes place on clickmeeting platform and takes seven hours.

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For whom?

Training “Fundamentals of biologics production” is dedicated for scientists who starts their work in biotech industry, students, and experienced scientists who transfer from pharma to biopharma.


  • Principles of recombinant protein production
  • Common expression systems (E.coli, yeast, CHO, HEK)
  • Properties of biologics
  • Upstream production
  • Downstream production
  • Regulatory requirements

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